# SinproPernambuco

Within the monitoring of municipal networks, the board of Sinpro Pernambuco, started a set of actions, aiming to debate and collect the proper positions from public authorities, in relation to the apportionment of funds from Fundeb, given that in some municipalities, it was found leftovers of these amounts, given the 2021 fiscal year .

Such a situation can occur when the management does not execute the minimum amounts provided for by the legislation that deals with the fund, especially with regard to the payment of workers in education, who are on active duty. According to Novo Fundeb, at least 70% of the federal funds received must be used for this purpose.

And in order not to suffer sanctions or to return these leftovers to the federal government, public administrations can pay salary bonuses to professionals from their respective education networks, in order to duly comply with the legally required minimum percentage.

On the issue, the National Confederation of Workers in Education (CNTE) already guides that in these cases, it is possible for public management to act legally, following two paths provided for by law. The first would be the apportionment of the amounts for qualified professionals to receive a salary bonus, paid with Fundeb resources and the possible transfer of up to 10% of these sub-linked amounts, in order to contribute to the payment of the salary adjustment stipulated for 2022, forecast at the rate of 31.3%.

And armed with the perceived guidelines on the matter, the direction of Sinpro Pernambuco started a series of discussions in the municipalities, alerting the category that will fight for the conquest of the apportionment, charging and inspecting the municipal administrations about these values.

Among these actions taken, the union already notices advances in some municipalities, such as Chã Grande, which together with the category, was won the apportionment. And in Palmeirina, the management, after a meeting, signaled the possibility of carrying out the sharing.


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